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Drawn to Life Next Chapter Wii 18.99EUR
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Drawn to Life Next Chapter Wii





In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter for Nintendo DS, players are able to draw their own heroes, be it humans, animals or multi-limbed creatures, and will embark on a brand new adventure aboard a Turtle Ship to defeat the evil Wilfre and restore color to the Raposa civilization. Players have the ability to morph their hero into a blob or a spider, adding more gameplay and allowing for players to play each level a variety of different ways.

The game's Action Drawing Tool gives each color special properties when drawing objects into the game to help solve puzzles and progression through the game. Along the way, they will collect coins and color drops to unlock a variety of content, including challenges and quests, customization options and hero abilities. In addition, the game’s multi-player aspect allows players to trade heroes, weapons, items and accessories with friends.



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